After logging in, select My Events in the dropdown menu from your name on the top right hand corner of your screen.  All of the events for which you have requested a quote are displayed here in reverse chronological order according to the date of your event.  On the right of each event is each venue that you submitted a request to with the following statuses:

  • Request for proposal sent. This means that the venue has not yet responded with a proposal.
  • Proposal received. This means that the venue has sent a proposal, and to view it, click that row and then click “View Proposal”.
  • Proposal is in progress. This means that you have accepted the proposal but are still working out details like menu selection before payment.
  • Event is booked! This means that you have accepted a proposal and made a payment towards your event.  To access your proposal dashboard to either view your contract, edit details, manage payments, exchange messages or files with the venue, click the row and then the “View Proposal” button.

Alternatively, you can also access your proposal by clicking the link within the email sent to you from the venue.

If you’ve booked an ExpressBook Experience, you can view the status similarly by clicking the ExpressBook heading in your My Events dashboard.

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