Creating an account allows you to submit inquiries to Venues, whether you are looking to build an event from scratch in collaboration with the venue or you want to ExpressBook a pre-made Experience.

You’ll also have access to any Venues that you’ve favorited for later if you are looking to plan for a future event.

Logging into your account gives you access to your My Events dashboard, which allows you to see the status and proposals of all your events.

Step 1. Go to VenueBook

Click here to go to the VenueBook homepage.


Step 2. Sign up for VenueBook

Click "Sign-Up" in the upper-right corner of the homepage. This will ask you to create a name, email, and password. You can also sign-up for our newsletter - find out more information about the VenueBook Newsletter here.


Step 3. Start Searching!

You will be immediately logged into VenueBook after you sign-up, where you can begin sending quote requests to Venues or use our ExpressBook feature to book an Experience right away! 

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